Name: Arash Kardanpour
(Arash Kp)

Profile: Sr. PHP Devloper, Back-end Developer, Full Stack Developer





- PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C++, C#
- Frameworks and Libraries: Symfony, Laravel, Vue.js, jQuery, React.js, Inertia.js
- Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL
- Version Control: Git
- Content Management Systems: WordPress, Joomla
- DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS
- Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
- Project Management Tools: Redmine, Jira
- Other Skills: SEO, DAPPS (Decentralized Apps), MQL (Finance), Unity Engine (Game Engine), Blockchain

About me

I worked with various programming languages since 2010, specializing in PHP (Symfony, Laravel frameworks) and MySQL. I have experience in front-end development with JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML, as well as React and Vue (& Inertia) for building modern web applications. Additionally, I have worked with Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Redmine, Jira, C#, C++, and the Unity Engine for game development. As the founder of DOM Exchange, I have a good understanding of Blockchain technology and am passionate about the world of cryptocurrency. Overall, I am a dedicated and experienced developer who enjoys tackling new challenges and staying up to date with the latest technologies.

● Highly skilled PHP software engineer with a Master of Science in Computer Engineering - Software
● Experienced in leading back-end teams and utilizing various technologies, including PHP (Symfony, Laravel framework), MySQL, JavaScript, React, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, PHPStorm, Shell scripting, Ajax, Vue, Linux, Git, Kubernetes, AWS, and Docker since 2010
● Proficient in developing and implementing various modules such as dispatching, invoicing, integration with different accounting software, API & RESTful communication, warehousing, service management, rental, and more
● Mentored and maximized team efficiency while resolving new challenges and updating projects with the latest upgrades and changes